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Blazor Components

Blazor is a new web UI framework based on C# that allows developers to create interactive web applications using .NET. Blazor Components are a hallmark feature of the framework, providing developers with a powerful toolset for building reusable UI elements. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Blazor Components, examining their syntax, providing examples and output, exploring their use, and highlighting important points.


Blazor Components are defined using Razor syntax, which combines HTML and C# code. They are declared in .razor files and begin with the @component directive. Components can include parameters and child components, which are defined using @parameter and @childcontent directives, respectively.


Here is an example Blazor Component that displays a simple greeting:

@component Greeting
    public string Name { get; set; }

    <h1>Hello, @Name!</h1>


When this Component is used in a Blazor application, it will produce the following output:

<h1>Hello, World!</h1>


In this example, we define a Component called Greeting that takes a Name parameter and displays a message using that parameter. The @component directive declares the Component and sets its name. The [Parameter] attribute marks the Name property as a parameter that can be set by external code.

The Component's body contains a single HTML element that displays the greeting. The @Name expression is substituted by the value of the Name parameter when the Component is rendered.


To use a Blazor Component in your application, you can either include it directly in your markup or use it programmatically. Here is an example of including our Greeting Component in a Blazor page:

@page "/hello"
@using MyApp.Components

<Greeting Name="John" />

This code imports the Greeting Component from a hypothetical MyApp.Components namespace and uses it to display a greeting to the user.

Important Points

  • Blazor Components are a powerful tool for creating reusable UI elements in your web applications.
  • Components can be defined using Razor syntax and can include child Components and parameters.
  • Components can be used directly in your markup or accessed programmatically.
  • Components are an important part of the Blazor framework and are widely used in Blazor applications.


Blazor Components are an essential part of the Blazor web development framework, providing developers with a powerful toolset for creating reusable UI elements. By understanding the syntax, examples, and use cases of Blazor Components, developers can create more efficient and maintainable web applications.

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