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Android Studio Dynamic RadioButton


The RadioButton widget can be added dynamically using the following syntax:

RadioButton radioButton = new RadioButton(context);
radioButton.setText("Radio Button Label");
radioButton.setId(View.generateViewId()); // unique ID for each RadioButton


Here is an example of adding three RadioButtons dynamically to a RadioGroup:

RadioGroup radioGroup = findViewById(;

RadioButton radioButton1 = new RadioButton(this);
radioButton1.setText("Option 1");

RadioButton radioButton2 = new RadioButton(this);
radioButton2.setText("Option 2");

RadioButton radioButton3 = new RadioButton(this);
radioButton3.setText("Option 3");



The above example will display a RadioGroup with three RadioButtons labeled "Option 1", "Option 2", and "Option 3".


The RadioGroup is a container that holds multiple RadioButton widgets. The RadioGroup ensures that only one RadioButton can be checked at a time, giving the user a way to select a single option from a list.

To add a RadioButton dynamically, you first create an instance of the RadioButton class and set its label. You also need to generate a unique ID for each RadioButton using the generateViewId() method. Finally, you add the RadioButton to the RadioGroup using the addView() method.


Adding RadioButtons dynamically is useful when you need to create a dynamic list of options. For example, you might want to allow users to select one of several languages in your app, but the list of languages is not known until runtime.

By adding RadioButtons to a RadioGroup dynamically, you can easily create a list of options that can be changed at runtime.

Important Points

  • Each RadioButton must have a unique ID to work properly in a RadioGroup.
  • Only one RadioButton in a RadioGroup can be checked at a time.
  • Dynamically-added RadioButtons should be added to a RadioGroup so that their checked state is properly managed.


The RadioButton widget in Android Studio allows you to create a list of selectable options for your users. By dynamically adding RadioButtons to a RadioGroup, you can create a list of options that can be changed at runtime. Remember to assign unique IDs to each RadioButton and add them to a RadioGroup to properly manage their checked state.

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