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IDE Commands - ( Selenium IDE )

Selenium IDE comes with a variety of commands that can be used to automate web applications. These commands are used to simulate user actions like click, typing, etc. in order to test the application functionality. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular selenium IDE commands.


The basic syntax of a Selenium IDE command is as follows:

  • command: The name of the command
  • target: The location on web page (such as an element on the page) that the command works on.
  • value: A parameter that determines the behaviour of the command (e.g. a string to be typed in the input field).


Let’s consider an example where we need to automate a login form. To simulate a user logging in, we need to click on the "Login" button, enter the user credentials(username and password) and then submit the form. Below is the test script using Selenium IDE commands.

| Command     | Target                | Value          |
| open        | /<login_page_url>/    |                |
| type        | name=username        | <username>     |
| type        | name=password        | <password>     |
| click       | id=login-button      |                |


On executing the above script, it will open the login page, enter the username and password, and then click on the login button. If the credentials are valid, the user will be logged in successfully. If not, an error message will be displayed.


  • open: The open command is used to open the specified url in the current browser window.
  • type: The type command is used to simulate typing text into the input element found by the given identifier(name attribute username and password).
  • click: The click command is used to simulate clicking on an element found by the given identifier(id attribute login-button).


It can be used to automate web applications to test its functionality. It can also be used to create repeatable tests by recording and playing back interactions with the browser.

Important Points

  • Selenium IDE comes with a variety of commands that can be used to simulate user actions in order to test web applications.
  • Each command follows a specific syntax that includes the command name, target, and value.
  • Some popular commands include the open command for opening a web page, the type command for simulating user input, and the click command for clicking on an element.


In this article, we discussed the Selenium IDE commands used to simulate user actions in web applications. We looked at their syntax, usage, and some popular commands like open, type, and click. Now that you have an understanding of these basic commands, you can start creating repeatable tests for your web applications using Selenium IDE.

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