1. ionic-chip

Ionic Chip


  <ion-label>Label Text</ion-label>


  <ion-label>Tag 1</ion-label>

<ion-chip color="secondary">
  <ion-label>Tag 2</ion-label>

<ion-chip color="danger">
  <ion-label>Tag 3</ion-label>


Ionic Chip Example Output


ion-chip is a UI component in Ionic that is used to render a small, clickable element that often represents a piece of data or an action. The component is designed to be highly customizable and can accept various attributes, such as color and text.


Ionic Chip is commonly used in the following scenarios:

  • To display multiple tags in a card or list view
  • As a filter button to refine a search or selection
  • To display selected options or preferences in a form

Important Points

  • ion-chip can be customized using the color, outline, disabled, selected, and mode attributes.
  • ion-chip can contain an optional icon element by adding <ion-icon> tags inside.
  • ion-chip can be used in combination with other Ionic UI components, such as ion-avatar, ion-button, and ion-label.


Ionic Chip is a versatile and customizable UI component that can represent various types of data or actions in an Ionic app. It is widely used in scenarios where multiple tags or filters need to be displayed in a compact and intuitive way.

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