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VueJs Components Basics


A component is a reusable, self-contained Vue.js instance. Every Vue.js application is composed of one or more components. A Vue.js component can be thought of as a custom HTML element that encapsulates a set of related functionality and presents its own view to the user.


Vue.component('component-name', {
  // options


Here is an example of a simple Vue.js component:

Vue.component('my-component', {
  template: '<h1>Hello, World!</h1>'


When this component is used in HTML as <my-component></my-component> it will display "Hello, World!" on the page.


In the above example, the Vue.component method is used to define a new component. The first argument is the name of the component and should be in kebab-case. The second argument is an object that defines the behavior and appearance of the component.

The template option is used to define the HTML markup for the component. In this case, the template is a simple string that contains an h1 element with the text "Hello, World!"


Vue.js components can be used to manage complex user interfaces by breaking them down into smaller, reusable parts. Components can be used to add new functionality to existing applications, or to build entire applications from scratch.

Components can be passed data through props and emit events to the parent component using $emit.

Important Points

  • Vue.js applications are composed of one or more components.
  • The Vue.component method is used to define a new component.
  • Components are reusable and encapsulate functionality and presentation.
  • Components can receive data through props and emit events using $emit.
  • Components should be carefully designed and structured.


Vue.js components are a powerful tool for building complex user interfaces. Components encapsulate functionality and presentation, making it easier to build and maintain large applications. Understanding the syntax, use cases, and best practices of Vue.js components is essential for building robust and maintainable Vue.js applications.

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