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Web APIs use various HTTP methods to support CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. In this tutorial, we'll discuss the HTTP DELETE method and its use in Web APIs.


The syntax for sending a DELETE request to a Web API endpoint is as follows:

DELETE /api/{controller}/{id}

Where {controller} is the name of the controller that handles the API request and {id} is the identifier of the resource to be deleted.


Suppose we have a Web API endpoint for deleting a user with a given id:

public IActionResult Delete(int id)
    // delete user with the given id
    return NoContent();

In this example, we've defined an HTTP DELETE method that takes an id parameter and returns a No Content response after deleting the user with that id.


The HTTP DELETE method is used to delete a resource on the server. In the context of Web APIs, the resource being deleted is typically a database record or other data item.

When the server receives a DELETE request, it should delete the resource identified by the request URL or query parameters. If the resource was successfully deleted, the server should return a 204 No Content response.


The HTTP DELETE method can be used in Web APIs when you need to delete a resource on the server. This is typically used in CRUD operations when you need to remove an existing record or item from a database.

Important Points

Here are some important points to keep in mind when using the HTTP DELETE method in Web APIs:

  • Always ensure that the client has proper authorization to delete the resource.
  • Return a 404 Not Found response if the server cannot find the resource to be deleted.
  • Return a 204 No Content response if the resource was successfully deleted.


In this tutorial, we discussed the HTTP DELETE method and its use in Web APIs. We covered syntax, example, explanation, use, and important points of the HTTP DELETE method. By using the HTTP DELETE method in your Web APIs, you can support CRUD operations and delete resources from your database or other data stores.

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