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C# Example


using System;

namespace HelloWorld
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("Hello, world!");


Create a basic "Hello, world!" program in C#.


The program prints "Hello, world!" to the console.

Hello, world!


The example program includes the following components:

  • Using statement: The using System; statement specifies that the System namespace is being used. This namespace provides access to C#'s fundamental classes, including Console, which is being used in this example.
  • Namespace: The HelloWorld namespace is used to avoid naming collisions with other classes.
  • Class: The Program class includes the program's functionality.
  • Main method: The Main method is the entry point for the program. It takes an array of strings as input and returns nothing (void).
  • Console output: The Console.WriteLine() method writes a string to the console.


This C# example can be used as a starting point for learning the language or demonstrating basic C# concepts to others. Beginners can modify the program to print other messages or practice with different input and output methods. More advanced users can build upon this example to create more complex programs.

Important Points

  • The using statement is used to specify which namespaces are being used in a program.
  • The namespace is used to organize code into a logical group.
  • class is used to define a new class.
  • Main is the entry point to a program.
  • The Console class provides access to read from and write to the console.


This C# example provides a basic "Hello, world!" program, which can serve as a starting point for learning C#. It demonstrates the use of the using statement, namespace, class, Main method, and console output. This example can be modified and built upon to create more complex programs.

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