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Menus - WordPress Dashboard


Menus in WordPress refer to the options available to create custom navigation menus for a website. To create menus in WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus in the WordPress dashboard
  2. Create a new menu or choose an existing one
  3. Add pages, posts, or custom links to the menu
  4. Customize the menu with drag-and-drop functionality on the right side of the page
  5. Save the menu and assign it to a location on your website


For example, you can create a custom navigation menu for your website that includes links to the home page, about page, contact page, and blog page.


The output of creating menus in WordPress is a customized navigation menu that can be easily managed and added to any WordPress theme.


Menus in WordPress provide a user-friendly way to create and manage custom navigation menus for a website. These menus can include links to pages, posts, and custom links, and can be easily customized with drag-and-drop functionality in the WordPress dashboard.


Menus in WordPress are essential for creating easy-to-navigate websites. They allow users to quickly find the pages they need and can improve the overall user experience.

Important Points

  • Menus can be created and customized in the WordPress dashboard under Appearance > Menus
  • Custom links can be added to menus for external websites or custom pages
  • Menus can be assigned to specific locations on a website, such as the primary navigation or footer navigation
  • Menus can be easily customized with drag-and-drop functionality


In summary, menus in WordPress are a key component of creating a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website. By using the built-in functionality in the WordPress dashboard, users can create and customize menus that meet their specific website needs.

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