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Materialize Pulse

Materialize Pulse is a pre-built JavaScript animation effect that creates a pulsating effect on any element. It is a part of the Materialize CSS framework that provides easy ways to add animations to website elements.


To create a Materialize Pulse effect, add the "pulse" class to the HTML element. For example:

<a class="btn pulse">Click me</a>


The Materialize Pulse effect is suitable for adding visual interest to the website buttons, icons, images, and other elements. The animation effect can grab the user's attention and make the website feel more dynamic and interactive.


Adding animations to a website can help to improve the user experience and website engagement. It can also be used to guide the user's focus to a particular element or call-to-action. Materialize Pulse provides an easy and accessible way of adding animation effects to website elements without having to write complex code.


Here is an example of how to add the Materialize Pulse effect to a button element:

<button class="btn-large pulse">Sign Up Now</button>

This will create a large button with a pulsing effect, which is triggerable by clicking on the button.


Materialize Pulse is a JavaScript animation effect that is part of the Materialize CSS framework. Adding the "pulse" class to HTML elements provides an easy way to add a pulsing effect to elements. This can help to improve user engagement and make the website feel more dynamic and interactive. Overall, Materialize Pulse is a useful tool for web developers looking to add simple animations to their website designs.

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